Our Mission
Motivating young people to understand that America’s strength lies within each and every one of them is the aim of the American Freedom Assembly, featuring Ranger Gary Horton.

Using humor, honesty and a hard-hitting approach, Ranger Horton has entertained and inspired young audiences in more than 8,000 high school and junior-high school assemblies across these United States. Ranger Horton is one of the most sought-after and respected youth speakers in America today, never failing to leave his youthful audiences with a rekindled appreciation of America’s greatness and a renewed dedication to the principles upon which this country was founded.
Themes such as his depiction of AMERICA as an acronym for Attitude, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Respect, Integrity, Courage and Aspiration [without gimmicks or props: only a man and a microphone] have earned praise and gratitude from administrators, teachers, parents and students throughout the nation. His call for personal responsibility and accountability is a message young people need to hear.

American Freedom Assembly is a nonprofit corporation with no political affiliation or "cause" to advance. Assemblies are available to schools AT NO COST or obligation whatsoever. Schools simply are asked to provide an American flag and one hour of assembly time.
Let's Communicate!

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A Teacher? Thank You!

Allow me to encourage you to take a moment and view a few of my "Ice Breakers", download them and share with your students - here